If you are a JavaScript developer and use React Js then JavaScript is an important language. Because of this, you will encounter many JavaScript-related questions in your interview to test your JavaScript knowledge and understanding. Below there are 10 things, some might be tricky and some might be simple but check if you know the answers to those questions.

01. What is the difference between Null and Undefined?

At first glance, it might feel like both null and undefined are the same. But one is assignable and the other comes when a value is not assigned. As you might already…

react image
react image

Before learning about the many things of the “React” that we are going to talk about today, it is important to first learn what exactly react is. Let the show begin.

01. What is React?

There many frameworks and libraries in the world of web development. Frameworks are somewhat rigid tools that are used to create web applications. But if you want to build something simple, using a framework can be problematic as even though you do not need to utilize the whole framework, it will be there in the background.

But for a library, this is different. Libraries do…

Another day, another blog about JavaScript. Let us dive into 10 of the things that I am going to talk about today.

Types of Data in JavaScript

There are different types of data in JavaScript. In total there are 9 types of data. They are:

Null, Undefined, Booleans, Numbers, Stings, Symbols, BigInts, Objects, and Functions.

The funny thing is even though there are 9 types, you can put them in two categories.

01. Primitive Values

These types of values are there when you are coding but you can not actually utilize them in and of themselves. But they will show up when you need them…

JavaScript image
JavaScript image

Javascript is one of the popular and widely used languages and for web developers, it is like bread, butter, and wine as they work day and night with this beautiful and yet frustrating language!

Below I have written about 10 things about javascript., Hope this will be helpful for you or at least interest you in this language if you are already not using JavaScript.


string.includes(). This method can be used to find out if there is any string in another string. In the example code, it will look for “is” and “His”. it will find “is’ but not “His”…

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